Fixed Wireless Access (FWA)


ipNX Business Broadband is a super high-speed, dedicated, broadband service that connects your office and enabled devices to the internet. It offers symmetric bandwidth speeds that is suitable for organisations that require reliable access to the internet for constant upload/download, instant browsing, video conferencing and other forms of business collaborations that depend on the internet.


This service is very similar to the FTTP business broadband but differs only in the last mile technology utilized to provide the final connection between the ipNX exchange and your business premises, which is a licensed fixed wireless radio network. Using a combination of ultra-modern fibre optic network and licensed fixed wireless access technologies, buisnesses located in areas not yet covered by our fibre-optic cable network can still experience the best broadband service.

With our industry-leading service level agreements you business is assured of optimal network performance and availability for mission-critical operations. Keep your business one step ahead of others.

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