Fair Usage Policy


This is a policy designed to prevent fraud and abuse of our network. The policy ensures that every customer gets their fair share of the network.

To give all customers optimum service, irrespective of network demand, we have a Fair Usage Policy covering monthly usage allowances and Network Management of specific applications.

ipNX supports NCC’s Consumer Code of Practice and is committed to providing the best information about what affects customers' speeds and managing our service to optimise the experience for all our customers. To find out more about NCC’s Code of Practice on Speed, visit NCC’s website www.ncc.gov.ng


1. How does broadband usage work?

Everything sent or received over the internet consists of bits of data, whether it's a web page, an email, a music track or a video clip. The amount of data is measured in kilobytes (KB), megabytes (MB) or gigabytes (GB). 1MB = 1024KB and 1GB =1024MB.


File / Activity Type

Approximate Size



Digital photo


Music Track




High Definition Movie



The total amount of data you send and receive each month is your total monthly usage, and at the end of the month we compare this with the monthly usage allowance of your data plan.


2. Which plan will best suit your Internet usage?

Each FOS service plan has a different monthly usage allowance and speed, so you can choose the data plan that best suits your needs. If you require an Internet plan suitable for home use, please choose any of our Residential Unlimited plans. For Small and Medium Enterprise use, please choose any of our SME plans that best suit your connectivity needs. Our FOS Xtreme Unlimited plans offer unrivalled superfast Internet speed, suitable for home and office use.


3. My usage is higher than I expected. What can I do?

Your usage level depends on what you and other users connected to the internet do online. If your usage has increased a lot in a month, check if your users surfing habits have changed and what extra things are being done online. Browsing web pages and sending emails are typically low usage, video streaming and downloading music are medium usage, whereas high-definition video streaming, downloading TV programmes and movies or using peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing applications can be very high usage.

If you are regularly going over your usage allowance, you can always upgrade to a higher and more suitable plan.


4. What is ipNX's Fair Usage Policy for the Unlimited plans?

Our Fair Usage Policy is only applied during peak periods; 9am – 3pm every weekday. During this period, data speed is throttled (reduced) once you reach the data threshold on your subscribed Unlimited plan. You still have access to Unlimited data.

The speed of your plan will be restored to normal from 3pm - 9am weekdays; all day and all night on weekends and public holidays.

See the breakdown below:

Unlimited Data Plans Fair Usage Policy (FUP)





Validity (Days)

Peak Period Usage

Throttled Speed During Peak Period (FUP)

Off-Peak Period Usage


Bronze Unlimited




9am - 3pm (weekdays)

Data speed of 8Mbps is reduced to 2Mbps after 30GB is consumed

Speed returns to normal from 3pm - 9am weekdays; all day and all night on weekends and public holidays


Silver Unlimited



Data speed of 15Mbps is reduced to 3Mbps after 60GB is consumed


Gold Unlimited



Data speed of 30Mbps is reduced to 3Mbps after 120GB is consumed


Diamond Unlimited



Data speed of 40Mbps is reduced to 3Mbps after 180GB is consumed


Platinum Unlimited



Data speed of 55Mbps is reduced to 4Mbps after 300GB is consumed


Platinum Plus Unlimited



Data speed of 75Mbps is reduced to 4Mbps after 500GB is consumed


Xtreme 100



Data speed of 100Mbps is reduced to 5Mbps after 500GB is consumed


Xtreme 200



Data speed of 200Mbps is reduced to 10Mbps after 500GB is consumed




5. What is ipNX’ s monthly usage allowance on SME plans?


FOS Service Plans (SME Plans)

Monthly Data Allowance

Starter Basic


Starter Preferred


Advantage Basic


Advantage Preferred


Advantage Premium


Ultimate Basic


Ultimate Preferred


Ultimate Premium



If you exceed your monthly usage allowance for any of the SME plans above, your service will stop working and advisory emails will be sent to your primary email address. If you exceed your usage allowance for two months in a row, we will advice you to upgrade to a higher and more suitable plan. To monitor your data usage, kindly login to the ipNX Self Service Portal here - https://self-service.ipnxnigeria.net/

Once you login to the Self Service Portal, click on Manage Services then select view your data usage to monitor your daily data usage.