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Data allowance is the fixed amount of data (i.e. images, text, webpage, video and audio) that it is available to you depending on the service plan you are subscribed to. ipNX has seven (7) fixed data allowance service plans starting from 40GB up to 2048GB (i.e. 2 Terabytes). We also have unlimited plans that allow unlimited data consumption.

“I’ve used ipNX for the last two years and I’ve never exceeded my data allowance. Why am I exceeding after you applied data caps?” – ipNX customer

While we have always had data allowances, data caps were not applied initially. This was done because we wanted to develop a customer-friendly self-service portal first (where customers can monitor and manage their data) before applying the data cap on service plans. The caps have now been applied because we have a self-service portal that allows customers monitor their data usage. It is very possible that you may have been going over your data allowance regularly when data caps were not applied.

Before we applied data caps, we sent out notifications via emails, SMS and phone calls to all our customers, months in advance. If you did not receive any of our notifications, please contact our customer support team to confirm or update your contact information.

You can monitor your usage and even check your history via the self-service portal which will help you manage your account. If you are not setup on the self-service portal, please visit our website ( to sign-up easily or contact a member of the customer support team for assistance.

Gaming consoles (such as PlayStation, X-Box or Nintendo), IP Camera’s, Live TV consoles (Apple TV & Android TV) and Internet Smart TVs are high data-consuming devices that will surely consume a lot of data, really fast.

Watching Netflix, Iroko TV, Youtube, etc (especially in high-definition) also consumes a lot of data. A movie could consume as much as 7GB an hour.

·       Peer to peer applications (examples of P2P file sharing applications are BitComet, BitTorrent, Limewire, Utorrent, etc)

·       Video/Audio streaming  

·        Music downloads

·       Online gaming

·       File downloads

·       Sending and receiving digital images

·       Sending and receiving large attachments

·       High usage websites (e.g. YouTube, CNN, Facebook, Skype, etc).

·       Software updates & automatic downloads

·       Virus on your system

We have unlimited service plans for customers who have heavy data requirements. Please see below:

Service Plan


Data Allowance


Unlimited Starter




Unlimited Advantage




Unlimited Premium




These plans allow unlimited data consumption but are subjected to our terms and conditions. For more information, please visit our website: You can also contact our customer support team to provide advice on the right service plan for you.

It is possible to consume a significantly large amount of data in a day. A movie on Netflix for instance, can consume as much as 7GB an hour. Knowing the amount of data you consume is very important and you can do this by monitoring your data usage via the self-service portal. If you are not setup on the self-service portal, please visit our website ( to sign-up easily or contact a member of the customer support team for assistance.  

Kindly contact us via email ( or or call 01-6281111 requesting for a more detailed report of your data usage.

Kindly check your usage on our self-service portal to confirm if there was any activity for the day you weren’t at home or the period of the day you weren’t around for. If there was usage, you can consider the following options:

·       Kindly reset your password to isolate the possibility of an unauthorised device or devices accessing your service.

·       Make sure your devices at home are off and not auto-updating when you are not at home

·       You can also contact us directly via phone (01-6281111), email ( or the CSSP to log a complaint

For all upgrades, please contact our customer support team via phone (01-6281111) or email ( to assist you make the right choice and process your upgrade. You can upgrade during your current billing cycle on the self-service portal but the new service plan will only take effect at the end of your current billing cycle.

We are committed to providing all the necessary tools to support and help you manage your service (including data allowance). However, our customers are in the best position to manage and monitor their data allowance and connected devices themselves. This is why we developed the customer self-service portal (CSSP) to help customers manage their service.

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